Marblenauts, a game by Crescent Flare
  The game
Sneak peek Marblenauts is a fun and challenging puzzle game available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac OS. Our marblenaut friends need you to help them out. They have been stuck for a long time and they can use all the help they can get.
Each puzzle provides a unique challenge. Touch or click to break blocks, activate gadgets and use other tools to guide these creatures to their destination.
Are you ready to take up the challenge?
For iOS and Mac OS:
•  Over 80 levels to play in simple and complex game modes
•  Use up to 5 different tools
•  A comprehensive tutorial to get you started
•  Lots of bonus content to unlock
•  Collect more than 20 items
•  Earn balloons to skip difficult levels and play them later
•  Handmade pixel art in normal and high resolution
•  Replay complex mode levels for extra challenge and rewards
•  Undo multiple moves, there is no penalty for making mistakes
•  Music and sound effects by Mike Weiser:
iOS only:
•  All iOS devices supported in one build: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
•  Plus+ integration with leaderboards, awards and online savegames
•  Includes support for retina display on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4
•  Support for fast app switching
Mac OS only:
•  Supports Snow Leopard (version 10.6.6) and later
•  Scales the game window to fit your monitor
•  Contains 3 savegames
Full version (iOS)
•  1.0: Initial release with 2 game modes
•  1.1: Added retina display support and usability improvements
•  1.2: Integrated plus+ including social features
•  1.3: Added more bonus content and fast app switching
Full version (Mac OS)
•  1.0: Initial release
•  1.1: New icon and more bonus content
Lite version (iOS)
•  1.0: Initial release with 6 free levels
•  1.1: Added an extra level
•  1.2: Added another level and fast app switching
How will it look on my iPhone or iPod touch?
Simple mode: tutorial Worldmap: new area unlocked! Complex mode: using gears
How will it look on my iPad?
Worldmap: getting started Simple mode: working together Complex mode: multiple tools
How will it look on my Mac?
Bonus content: item collector Complex mode: collecting stardust Worldmap: welcome to complex mode!
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How will it look in motion?
Playing Marblenauts
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If you've got any questions or comments about the game, please post in the Marblenauts topic at Touch Arcade. This is also the place to get hints if you're really stuck on a puzzle and need some help.
You can also follow us on Twitter. Be there for the latest updates and weekly Crescent Card event (including Marblenauts hint cards).
For complete sets of hint cards, check below:
Simple mode
Complex mode (60 levels)
Stardust mode (60 levels)
Lite version
Complete collection
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